The 3 Best Mongolian Hotpot Cookers to Buy in 2022

Mongolian hot pot is a great way to get warm in the winter. It’s a hearty meal that feeds many people, and it can be made from scratch with just a few ingredients: broth, meat, vegetables, noodles, and spices.

There are many different types of Mongolian hot pots you can buy on the market. However, not all of them cook food evenly. Check out this list for some insight into the best Mongolian hot pot cookers!

What is a Mongolian Hot Pot?

Mongolian hot pot is an Asian dish that originated in Mongolia. It consists of broth, meat, vegetables, noodles, and spices. You can serve the dish with dumplings or rice cakes if you want to add a little more protein or carbs to the meal.

The Mongolian hot pot originated in Mongolia and became popular in China. The first mention of this dish dates back to 1891 when it was described by Franco-Russian explorer Alexandre David-Kourensky as a “hotchpotch” of carrots and mutton. There are many different types of Mongolian hot pots you can buy on the market. However, not all of them cook food evenly. Check out this list for some insight into the best Mongolian hot pot cookers!

The 3 Best Mongolian Hot Pot Cookers

1. Casserole Premium Mongolian Traditional Hot Pot Cooker Charcoal Copper Hot Pot

Mongolian or Chinese hotpot is a pot that employs charcoal as the heat source. The food cooks in pots which are placed on the base of these furnaces, and this also allows for maintenance purposes to be easier because ash falls below so more bricks can then be added to keep it going. You place your meat right over the chimneys that come out of these brick ovens-the central tube extends over its lid and acts like a chimney from them too. Traditionally, Mongolian hot pot has been used to make soups where you slice lamb or beef very thin before placing it over top of our chimney rings-and letting all those wonderful juices drip inside!

Best Features

Check out the key-points of this product:

Traditional Shape

This pot is shaped like a ring with its central tube reaching the lid, acting as an ashy chimney. This helps in cleaning and deepening the basin to collect ash. The pots are easy to store by being removable too!

Many Uses

This is a pot that’s suitable for all kinds of purposes: making vegetables or meat, cheese or chocolate. You could even use it like a traditional hot pot dish and cook your soup with it! It will work as long as you adjust the heat so to avoid burning anything.

Elegant Design

The classic design has a more ornamental appearance and is made of high quality food grade copper. The walls are smooth, which makes it easy to add charcoal. Bottom vents were created for an even heat distribution without the need for a grate on top.

High Quality Material

Pots are still very popular in Asian countries, but they’re now made of aluminum or stainless steel and heated with gas or electricity. They have less heat dissipation than copper pots though. As a result, you can cook more quickly and easily across the entire surface using a copper pot instead.

What People Say:

“The best way to dine with friends or family is in a lively atmosphere.”

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2. ‘SONYA’ Electric Mongolian Hot Pot Cooker with Divider

The 1500W and 5.3 quart (5 litre) capacity allow for quick heating and a large power tank to satisfy most family needs in different formats, while the removable cooking pots make it convenient to cook without any hassle. The anti-skid feet also ensure that your pot sits evenly on the table or ground.

Best Features

Check out the key-points of this product:

Large Capacity

This 5-liter large capacity stovetop kettle is perfect for a family reunion dinner. It can be used by 2 to 6 people.

Heat Resistant Handle

Protect your hand from high temperatures efficiently.

Internal Divider

Internal dividers let you enjoy two different flavors at the same time.

What People Say:

“My vegetarian daughter was a bit confused as to why my husband wanted to use this pot for Shabu-Shabu when she can’t eat it. He simply boiled the water and added food coloring, then watched where it ended up. The red stayed on the right side of the pot which means we can have vegetable broth on one side while cooking meat in another!”

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3. ‘CITY ST’ The Original Shabu-Shabu & Mongolian Hot Pot Cooker with BBQ Grill

The Shabu Shabu Grill attaches to your stove and lets you cook meat, seafood, or veggies while grilling anything else in the meantime. The temperature knob is easy to use and it’s perfect for family gatherings or when cooking with friends. You can make healthy shabu shabu at home without a restaurant by using our grill!

What People Say:

“Our first time at making hot pot at home and we are not disappointed. The unit heats up fast and has two temperature settings, so you have more control over the degree to which your food is cooked. It also comes with a grill that can get plenty hot for searing meat on the top of it-the bowl just slides in place onto the heating element!”

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